About SBA

The Student Bar Association (“SBA”) serves as the student government at Michigan State University College of Law. Our mission is to promote academic engagement, enhance professional and social development, and represent the student body by addressing student concerns.

SBA Structure

  • 5 Executive Board Members (elected by General Board)
  • 5 Committee Chairs (appointed by Executive Board)
  • 3L Class Representatives (3 total)
  • 2L Class Representatives (3 total)
  • 1L Section Representatives (1 per section)
  • LL.M. Representative** (1 position)
  • At-Large Representatives (16-17 total)

Latest News and Resources

Barristers' Ball 2023

25 Feb 2023

Eagle Eye Golf & Banquet Center

15500 Chandler Road, Bath Township, MI 48808

Public Professor Evaluation Resolution

10 Aug 2022

Read Resolution No. 5 Here.

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